There is a variety of foods that cause kidney stones, a couple of which people binge on without the fear of ever developing painful sediments in their kidneys. What you eat becomes a crucial factor in the formation of kidney stones. So if you eat some foods excessively, you run the risk of having painful stone like formations in your kidneys.

Kidney stones are one of the most excruciating kidney abnormalities you wont ever want to experience. Piercing pain is one of the most common kidney stones symptoms. Now if you want to know what foods to avoid with kidney stones, read on and list them down. Your eating habits might be aggravating your kidney stones, or if you havent developed any yet, new ones may take form.

Excess intake of specific beverages is one of the most common causes of kidney stones. You should avoid drinking grapefruit juice and apple juice. Also, remember to stay away from carbonated beverages that contain a rich amount of phosphoric acid. Phosphorus aggravates your kidney stones by making new ones form and making the existing ones larger.

There are a couple of beverages which you can take to decrease the risk of developing kidney stones, as well as to help dissolve existing ones. Drinking lots of water, binging on lemon juice, and drinking vegetable juices are some of the best foods to avoid kidney stones.

Products riddled with oxalic acid are foods that cause kidney stones. Oxalic acid is one of the main proponents of kidney stones since it helps in the development and the growth of sediments. Common foods with oxalic acid are rhubarb, tomatoes, concord grapes, beets, eggplant, okra, summer squash, sesame seeds and almonds. Those with a sweet tooth should consider taking moderate amounts of blackberries and strawberries. If you have kidney stones, it is best to completely avoid them as a cure for kidney stones.

Dairy may be a good thing, but taking too much may make you regret it. Any excessive calcium in the diet is hard to digest and absorb. The surplus of calcium remains in your kidneys and will be hard for the body to flush out. Avoid too much cheese, milk, broccoli, or foods that contain a high amount of calcium.

Try to avoid sugar as well, for sugar triggers insulin, and insulin extracts calcium from the bones, giving extra work for your kidneys. Sweet diary products are foods that cause kidney stones, so try to reduce or totally avoid them. Now that you know which foods to avoid, wouldnt you like to know about the natural ways to beat kidney stones for good? My favorite treatment is explained in this report.